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Dr Y.V.S.S.S.V.Prasada Rao

Sir C. R. Reddy College of Engineering, an NBA accredited institution is a constituent of Sir C. R. Reddy Educational Society a six decade legacy in quality education and today one of the premier colleges in India where opportunities thrive parallel with many of the apex professional colleges across the globe. A persistently evolving curriculum and learning by discovery and experience process developed by experts is the new approach of disseminating knowledge in this college. The college has recorded phenomenal progress in upholding the standards ever since its inception. The college robustly believes that academic inputs alone will not contribute to the comprehensive and integrated growth of the pupils. Soft Skills and Personality Amplification activities are organized on regular basis to ensure all round energies indispensable for corporate jobs and highly challenging and competitive world.

Sir C. R. Reddy College of Engineering is a synonymous with Quality Technical Education across the globe. A continuous and successful Industry-Academia interface has been established to facilitate the students and staff on all fronts such as Training, Conduct of Short Term and Long Term Courses, Testing, Hands-on Projects, Sponsored Research and Recruitment Drives etc.,. Students are enlightened on all areas that have social and economic relevance. Students have realized that engineering profession occupies a pivotal role in the industrial and business organizations. Some of the faculty members are approached and entrusted with consultancy work by the Industry. Permanent Affiliation, NBA Accreditation stands testimony to the efforts of the Management. The Management forms the bridge between the Society and Institution, making communication a two way process for effective and ideal functioning of the Institution. The Management has set exemplary standards that are widely followed by neighboring child and upcoming Institutions.

The college has facilities and infrastructure of global standards. The ambience of the institution induces learning and maintains the stay pleasant and educative. The college has massive edifices that house Lecture Halls, Seminar Halls, Laboratories, Departments and their Libraries, Administrative Block, P.G. Centre, A.C. Auditorium, Canteen, Cooperative Stores , Hostel Buildings, Amenities Block, Bank, Ultra Modern Gymnasium and Indoor Sports etc.,. But there is a lot more to Sir C. R. Reddy College of Engineering than just a massive edifice – ‘The New Central Library' a 40,000sft knowledge repertoire, fully automated with barcode based circulation, comprises of 31,489 volumes consisting of 11,039 titles. Further the stacks are adorned with 1,000 back volumes of periodicals, 871 project reports and thousands of other multimedia learning materials. The institute has subscribed 219 IEEE e- journals, 30 ACM e-journals and 18 ASME e-journals through INDEST AICTE CONSORTIUM that provide ample opportunity for the students to browse 270 e-journals and conference proceedings. It is also an active member in DELNET. Discussion Rooms are provided for enrichment of knowledge. A browsing centre with 70 systems allows students to gain admittance to Internet Based Learning. 30 systems are earmarked for Digital Library. A.C. Conference Hall with 120 seating capacity is also provided besides e-class room with 30 systems. The college is bedecked with 2 mbps Internet connection for speedy access.

Sports facilities are provided with adequate space transformed to fields and courts. Ultra Modern Gym caters to the fitness and logical quotient of the students and staff. Landscaping is aesthetically designed to create tranquil ambience. Students leaving the threshold are seasoned to meet the needs and challenges in their professional career and are also equipped with knowledge, self confidence and multidimensional excellence. For better productivity and prosperity our staff and students with their lofty minds have personalized a healthy competition, thus contribute for the betterment of the Society. In this sacred abode students inculcate a sense of social responsibility and instill a concern for the under privileged and the vulnerable people.

The College offers B.E/B.Tech Programme of four years duration in all major branches like Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with an annual intake of 480. The Institute also offers one Post Graduate Programme Master of Business Administration (MBA) of two years duration with an annual intake of 60.

Residential Facilities are provided with ultra modern amenities such as attached bath rooms, reading rooms, protected water and recreational facilities etc., in the premises itself. Delicious, Nutritious and Hygienic Food is provided to the students and staff for better nourishment. Transport and accessibility comprise of a domestic airport, a well connected GNT railway and NH-5 (GNT) road route.

It is an ecstatic joy that rejuvenates us regularly is, that many a Major Multi National Company that visited the college are overwhelmed with contentment after gauging the expertise possessed by our students. Apart from successful Entrepreneurs some of our students became integral part of corporate majors like TCS, Infosys, IBM, Wipro, L&T, Infotech, Essar Steels, Qualcore, Convergys, HP, Slash Support System, , Thermal Systems, Kanbay, Huawei Technologies, , HCL Technologies, Cummins, Satyam, Power Mech, Sasken, Semantic Space, Virtusa, Keane, IIT-Delhi, IIT-Mumbai, Sonata,24x7,Honeywell, Syntel, CMC, IAF, Power Grid, Aster, Totem Project, CES, PTII, Soma Enterprises Efftronics, Life Business Projects, Ultratech Cement, Dell, BSW Software, Image Systems, Tipton Intellectual Property Operations Pvt. Ltd., Reliance, VEM Technologies, UBG Technologies, VJN Systems, CTS, G.E, Abacus, XL Soft Tech, DAC (R&D) Pvt. Ltd., HSBC, Cordys (R&D) Pvt. Ltd., Subex Systems, GE Medical Systems, ISRO, Intelli Group, C-Dot Catel Research Centre, Tata Motors, and in many a leading core and software company.

Sir C R Reddy Educational Society firmly believes that a strong nation can only be built by imparting sound knowledge. Hence the caption of the logo reflects the objective of the Society.

About logo and caption  


Which means

…the radiating glow of knowledge shines forever.”

Accomplish your quest for quality professional education at Sir C. R. Reddy College of Engineering.


•  During the early 1940s there was a long felt need for a full-fledged Academic Institution in the district of West Godavari.

•  Subsequently Sir C.R.Reddy Municipal College came into existence on 4th July 1945 .

•  In 1947, the College was given to Sir C. R. Reddy Educational Society by dropping the term Municipal.

•  The Society is the oldest in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is also one of the oldest educational societies in the country.

•  This Society comprises of

•  Philanthropists,

•  Social Activists,

•  Entrepreneurs and

•  Freedom Fighters.

•  The portfolios held by the office bearers of this Society are honorary in nature and the Society is an entity with non-profit motif.

•  The overseers of this Society has Philanthropic bent of mind.

•  They have an unstinted commitment towards the Society.

•  Their charity and benefaction are known to one and all of this region and state.  


Sir C. R. Reddy

Sir C R Reddy Educational Institutions are named after Sir Cattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy, in fond remembrance of a distinguished scholar and the foundation Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University for about 20 years since its inception.


1. Sir C. R. Reddy Autonomous College 1945

(Obtained Autonomous status in the year 2006)

(Accredited by NAAC with ‘A' Grade)

2. Sir C. R. Reddy PG Courses 1971

3. Sir C. R. Reddy Polytechnic 1980

4. Sir C. R. Reddy College of Education 1984

5. Sir C. R. Reddy Public School 1984

6. Sir C. R. Reddy PG Courses for Women 1987

7. Sir C. R. Reddy Degree College for Women 1987

8. Sir C. R. Reddy Junior College for Women 1989

9. Sir C. R. Reddy College of Engineering 1989 (Accredited by NBA for all 6 branches)

10. Sir C. R. R College of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2007.


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