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S K V T College - College Profile


Name of the College
S K V T College
Year of Establishment
Name of the Principal
Dr. A.B. Santha Rajyam
Name of the Correspondent
Sri G.R. Chalapathi Rao

Brief History of  the College :

"Sri Kandukuri Veeresalingam Theistic College" is an affiliated college of Andhra University established by "Hithakarini Samajam" which was founded by Sri Rao Bahadur Kandukuri Veeresalingam. It is one of the oldest colleges in East Godavari district and attained the status of full-fledged degree college elevated to post graduate level in 2004. Even though the college was established in 1972 in old building of the High School, it was shifted to Ananda gardens in 1993 for better accommodation. The college has well equipped laboratories including spacious computer labs with adequate systems, a separate library for UG and PG and competent faculty. This institution is recognized by UGC as one of the lead colleges. This institution consistently maintains good performance in terms of high percentage of pass since Inception of the college. The college has successfully celebrated the Andhra University youth festival in the year 2005. The college has celebrated "Hithakarini Centenary Celebrations" in the year 2007.

In order to enable our students and staff to cope with the revolutionary changes that are witnessed globally, now-a-days and to keep good pace with them in due course, all in keeping with the proper fulfillment of Veeresalingam's ideals, this year onwards we want to introduce special features in the institution, besides already existing academic facilities.

Sri Rao Bahadhur Kandukuri Veeresalingam panthulu strove all his life for social reformation and eradication of superstitions and social evils and rejuvenation of women in particular. As a great visionary he always maintained that education for all not only dispelled the darkness of ignorance and blind believes but also would lead the nation to great progress and prosperity holding its head high in the comity of nations.

His perennial concern for social upliftment and progress prompted him to establish the "Hithakarini samaj" a hundred years ago(1907) for social weal. Under its auspices he successfully conducted widow marriages in teeth of opposition of the rigid orthodoxy of Rajahmundry in those days, and ran the Victoria widows home for amelioration of destitute and widowed women and he has hailed as "Andhra Raja Ram Mohan Roy".

During his life time a co-educational high school rightly named after him was established by Hithakarini samaj in 1911. The Hithakarini samaj in fulfillment of ideals of Veeresalingam started a womens college in 1968 named after his consort Smt.Kandukuri Rajyalakshmamma. In 1970 a junior college and 1972 degree college i.e., Sri Kandukuri Veeresalingam Theistic college was established and in 1974 English medium high school was established. It is a proved fact that all the five educational institutions have grown from strength to strength over the years with 8000 of their students who distinguished them selves not only in the university examinations but also in co curricular and extra curricular activities over the year, bringing laurels to the institution. It is to be mentioned in this connection that Veeresalingam gave not only ideals for his followers to pursue but also vast valued properties for social development through Human Resource Development in particular.


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