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S.V.K.P. & Dr. K.S. Raju Arts & Science College - College Profile
Name of the College
S.V.K.P. & Dr. K.S. Raju Arts & Science College
Year of Establishment
Name of the Principal
Sri. Ch. Venkateswara Rao    M.Sc.
Name of the Secretary & Correspondent
Dr. K. Ramachandra Raju  M.D.


Higher Education in any society is of vital importance in the whole Education System. In India, Higher Education had been an integral part of Education. The all round development of a nation depends upon the growth of higher education and on the number of young men empowered by knowledge. They raise the nation to a status, which will be role model for other nations. The education that is offered in education institutions imparts basic knowledge and stands as a backdrop to the inquiring human mind. Those young man, who are educated in the best way decide the ability, creativity, vision and the outlook of a nation. To exist as a nation and to build a nation to be proud of, it is the minimum responsibility each of us to revamp the whole education sector, with a vision and purpose. They must ultimately give us a sense of proportion and perspectives that will lead to creativity so as to achieve equilibrium.
S.V.K.P. & Dr. K.S. Raju Arts & Science College, Penugonda a premier rural based educational institution, is to inculcate scientific rationality and modernization, improve India's human resources and enhance the lives of individual citizens by promoting social and economic quality through expanding access to the under privileged sections of the population.
Education prepares one to face the changes and challenges of life by bringing out the best in him/her. If this is well accepted, Education should be relevant to the needs of time and address the problems of the day. The college was pro-active to define and re-define its mission and strategies reading the signs of the time.
The need for Education and educational institutions was acute in Seventies throughout the country in general and rural areas in particular especially in the West Godavari District.
West Godavari District is situated on the West bank of the river Godavari and hence, it is an important part of the rice granary of Andhra Pradesh. The District has three different geographical zones-the Delta, the Upland and the Aqua track.
Penugonda is 20 kms from Tanuku and the distance to, two prominent railway stations, Rajahmundry and Tadepalligudem is about 55 Kms and 38 Kms respectively. The contribution of Penugonda during freedom struggle was quite substantial.
With this back graph S.V.K.P. & Dr. K.S. Raju Arts & Science College was established in 1974. Establishment of the college at Penugonda was an important event in the History of the town.
Though the college had its humble beginning in 1974, within no time it became a full pledged institution and one of the premier educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh. In a span of 32 years, the institution blossomed into a full pledged institution catering to the needs of the vulnerable sections of society. This growth graph of the college is attributable to the able, active and enthusiastic guidance of distinguished personalities like Sri Vanka Satyanarayana, the then local M.L.A. (1974), Late Sri Kotla Venkatramayya, the Founder President of the college, Late Sri R. Narasimha Rao, Late Sri P. Satyanarayana Raju, Sri P. Pullamesetty, Sri N. Narasimha Murthy, Sri Mynam Venkateswara Rao, Late Sri N.V. Subrahmanyam, Late Sri Kollepara Venkata Rama Rao, Sri Jakkamsetti Venkateswara Rao, Ex-MLA, Smt P.Manemma, Ex-MLA, Sri Javvadi, Sri Ranga Nayakulu, Ex-MLA, Sri K.V. Ragavendra Rao, Ex-MLA, Late Dr.Kalidindi Suryanarayana Raju Academicians of par excellence like Prof.K.V. Ramana, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Dr.M.Gopala Krishna Reddy, Former Vice-Chancellor, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Dr.G.D.Sarma, Former Secretary, UGC, New Delhi and Dr.B.R. Kwatra, former Joint Secretary, UGC, New Delhi are a few to mention who helped this institution during the last 3 decades by offering their valuable suggestions for strengthening the academic fabric of this institution.
The present President Sri P. Suryanarayana, the Secretary and Correspondent Dr.K. Ramachandra Raju and Sri V. Lavakumar, Treasurer, Sri. P.Satyanarayana, Present MLA and other members of the Governing Body are serving the institution with great dedication and efficiency by setting up good traditions and moral standards.
The Principal Sri K. Sri Ch. Venkateswara Rao M.Sc. who has considerable experience as teacher and Principal is living no stone unturned bringing further growth and development of the college and in motivating the staff and students.
The college has a good track of performance in extra curricular and Co-curricular activities like NSS, NCC, Literary and cultural activities, Games and Sports etc., bringing laurels wherever the students participated.
S.V.K.P. & Dr. K.S. Raju Arts & Science College has a renowned history, growth and development in the field of education for 34 years, each faculty has rich talent and resources. The record of each department reflects the rich legacy of the college itself.
Ever since its inception the growth of the college is spectacular and phenomenal. It has now 11 U.G. programmes, 6 PG programmes, 55 class rooms, 90 faculty members, 80 non-teaching staff and about 1994 (2007-2008) students. Having had a tall history, the college now looks for a brighter future keeping in tune with the changing times and priorities of Higher Education.


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