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      The "Centre for Religious Studies" is a semi-autonomous unit in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies with an Advisory Committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor with the teachers of the Department of Philosophy and representatives of the donors to the Centre as per the MOU. On 28th February 1997, the Executive Council, Andhra University has issued proceedings, establishing the Centre for Religious Studies in the Department of Philosophy. On 28th November 1998, Prof. P.George Victor has taken charge as the Director of the Center.

      On 1st February 1999, Prof. R.Radhakrishna, Vice-Chancellor, Andhra University has inaugurated the Centre for Religious Studies (CRS). Prof. J.M. Naidu, Registrar, Andhra University and Prof. Ken R. Gnanakan, President , Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangalore has exchanged the MOU between Andhra University and Asia Theological Association (ATA) represented by Asian Institute of Theology Bangalore. On 3rd February 2000, the endowment grant of Rs. 12,000/- made by ATA through Asian Institute of Theology (AIT), Bangalore was deposited in the Central Bank of India, Suryabagh branch, Visakhapatnam.


      The primary aim of the Centre is to extend research consultation for donors and academic institutions. The research will be inter-disciplinary and inter-religious, oriented towards educational and social needs of humanity. The objectives of the Centre are:

  • Formulate courses, curricula and syllabi for undergraduate programmes in religious Studies

  • Theology, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, etc.

  • Identify areas for inter-religious research and dialogue.

  • Conduct National and International seminars or conferences.

  • Acquire and publish Monographs, Books, Research findings in Religious Studies.

  • Undertake collaborative research with other Institutions.

      Areas identified for research are religious tolerance, communal harmony, secularism, social relevance of religious, cultural aspects, environmental aspects and national integration, religious peace, contribution of religion to educational and social needs of humanity.

Special conditions:

      To admit every year two candidates of M.Th / M.Div / M.A. in Christianity degrees accredited by Asia Theological Association through Asian Institute of Theology (AIT), Bangalore to research leading to M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees subject to the condition that not more than six such students shall be on rolls of the University at any given time and that they would be guided with time bound programme as per University rules and regulations.

      To spend the amount earmarked for publications and seminars on the themes suggested by ATA as per Centre's Aims and Objectives and guidelines. Textual Studies, Indian Christianity, Christianity in relation to other religions, Christianity and other Faiths, Indian Culture and Christianity, Christianity and Contemporary Times, Social and Cultural Anthropology.


Lectures organized:

  • On 21th February 1999, Ven, Bhikku Bodhi, President, Buddhist Publication Society, USA & Sri Lanka lectured on Buddhism.

  • On 29th November 1999, Prof. Monoj Das, Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry, On "Philosophy of Death and Immortality".

Seminars conducted:

  • "Christian Contribution to National Building", March 21-23, 2000.

  • "Contribution of Religion for National Integration", February 9-10, 2001.

  • "Seminar on Religion and Politics", March 21-22, 2002.

Guests Felicitated:

  • The Rt. Rev Dr. G. Emmanuel, President, Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church on 21 st March 2000.

  • The Rt. Rev. T.B.D. Prakasa Rao, Bishop, CSI, Krishna-Godavari Diocese on 9th February 2001.

Research Scholars who have completed their M.Phil Research:

  1. Adikary Ajoy, Bengal

  2. James Chaco, Kerala

  3. Kharsyntew Edelbert, Nagaland

  4. Raj Paul Mohan, Karnataka


Ken R. Gnanakan and others (Ed), "Christian Contribution to National Building", Theological Book Trust.


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