Andhra Pradesh has a long history of culture and tradition. It has its own unique food habits and agricultural practices. It is also known for production of various products for day to day use. The physical & emotional needs of the people of Andhra Pradesh made design an intimate part of their lives and enable them to produce various products and also made them to evolve various visual and performing art forms to enrich their lives. Traditionally many of these art forms were transmitted from father to son. During the earlier foreign rule, these traditions were disturbed, but after independence, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken initiatives to start several educational institutions to strengthen the economy and culture of the people. It is for this purpose that the Department of Fine Arts was established in the year 1976 as part of the University to enrich the culture of the people of this region in particular and the nation in general. The Department of Fine Arts intention is to select students from various strata of the society and give them exposure to various cultures of the world apart from our own. After studying various art forms students can develop art forms which would appeal not only to the local people but also to the people of other nations. By strengthening our visual and performing art we not only enrich our culture rich but also create avenues to earn better lively-hood. Read More

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