The day, 27th August 1927 is said to be the foundation day of Andhra University Physical Education Department. It was on this day that the Academic Council adopted a resolution and recommended to the Senate that compulsory Physical training and regular medical inspection of all the students be introduced in all the affiliated colleges. All the students who do not take part in sports shall undergo a compulsory course of Gymnastics or any other form of physical training. The Council also mentioned that exemption should only be given to those students who are declared unfit by a medical certificate. In 1928, a committee was constituted with Rao Sahib TS Trimurthi as the convenor to draft a definite and detailed proposal for compulsory physical training in affiliated colleges. On March, 15, 1930 the Syndicate adopted a scheme of physical training at it's meeting. Accordingly, in July, the Management colleges deputed qualified persons for training in the YMCA School of Physical instructors after the training. Physical Education was introduced in their colleges in July 1931. In 1932, the Syndicate on the recommendation of the committee appointed the Principal of YMCA College of Physical Education, HC Buck, M.A., M.B.E. to visit each college and inspect the grounds and equipment available in the colleges.After Buck submitted his report, the Syndicate, at its meeting held on January 14, 1933 considered the report as well as the proceedings of the Physical Education Committee and resolved to wait for the report of the General Inspection Committee (GIC). Read More

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Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.), Self Finance B.P.Ed. of this University or B.P.Ed. or B.P.E. of any other University recognized as equivalent
M.Phil. (Full Time + Part Time)
Ph.D (Full Time + Part Time)
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