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  • Name : Prof. A. Anuradha
  • Designation : Head of the Department
  • Phone : (+91) 9441039033
  • Email : anuradha_12465@yahoo.co.in

The Department was started in the year 1989 with Prof. L.S.R.Krishna Sastry as Co-ordinator under the leadership of Prof. K.V.Ramana as the Vice-chancellor and Dr. M.Gopalakrishna Reddy, as Registrar. The Department had the privilege of having eminent musicians and scholars as faculty members. Sangeeta Kalanidhi Dr. Nedunuri Krishna Murthy was appointed as visiting Professor for a period of 5 years and Sangitha Kala Saagara Sri Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao for one year. Initially, the dept. was started with Smt.B. Arundhati Sarkar, Smt. M. Jalajakshi and Kum. K. Renuka Devi worked as part time lecturers. The first regular teaching staff member appointed in the Dept of Music was Dr. A. Anuradha in 1990. In 1994 Prof. V. Gouri Rammohan was assigned as Coordinator in the Dept. of Music, in addition to her placement in the Dept. of Psychology and Parapsychology. Dance course was established in 2004. Prof. V.Gowri Rammohan was the first coordinator to the Dance course.

Courses Offered No. Of Seats Available Duration
M.A. (Music) 10 -
M.A. (Dance) 10-
M.Phil --
Diploma Course in Light Music- One year
Diploma Course in Devotional Songs- One year
certificate course in Sound Recording & Editing -Six months
Diploma in Dance for Annamacharya Sankeerthanas . -One year
Certificate Course in Kuchipudi Nritya Pravesika- One Year
In addition to these courses, some short term courses like One month course on Folk songs, Devotional Songs of various vaggeyakaras were also conducted. To train the students to become performing artistes, ‘Weekly Concert programs’ were introduced and to develop Research attitude ‘Weekly Seminars’ were also introduced in the curriculum.

Name Designation Qualification Specialization
Prof. K. Saraswati Vidyardhi Professor M.A., Ph.D. The Unique style and Personality of Dr. Sripada Pinakapani, Creative Music, Singing of Anumandra Sthayi
Prof. A. AnuradhaProfessor &
Head of the Department,
M.A., Ph.D. Group Kritis in Telugu after Tyagaraja - and Analytical and Comparative study of them with Tyagaraja's Kritis
Smt. A.B. Balakondala Rao M.A. Kuchipudi Dance
Smt. S.V. Vijayaveni (Ph.D) Kuchipudi Dance
Smt. A.V.S. Lakshmi (Ph.D) Carnatic Music
Smt. A. Maalyada Anand M.A Kuchipudi Dance
Sri. Bandaru Chittibabu Light Music
Dr. K.S. Chandra Sekhar Ph.D. Light Music
Smt. S.Chandra Mani M.A Carnatic Music
Dr. D.V.K.G. Tyagaraj Ph.D. Carnatic Music
Sri. D. Vinay Mouris M.A Western Music