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The CACC Lab is located in the first floor of Arts College building. The lab is air conditioned (Four units 2 tons capacity each) with an infrastructure facility to lodge computer systems. All the systems are located on a user-friendly desk designed specifically for the purpose with compatible cushioned chairs. Special electrification with UPS (two hours backup) is provided. Fire Extinguished equipment with smoke detector is also provided to meet eventualities.

Equipment :

The CACC Lab is equipped with one main server and 32 computer systems independent of processing units, one CDROM writer, one inkjet printer, two dot matrix printers, scanner and Intel web camera. At present out of 32 computers, six systems are LAN connected to the main server to extend the Internet facility. A 56 KB optic fiber cable line is networked to the six systems for Internet surfing.


The CACC Lab is aimed at imparting computer Knowledge to the students, research scholars and faculty members of the Andhra University Colleges of Arts and Commerce.


  • To give training in  computers and their application to the students.

  • To provide infrastructure to the scholars pursing research.

  • To facilitate faculty to upgrade their knowledge in computer soft wares.

  • To give orientation in special computer package programmes to the students research scholars and faculty members.


The CACC Lab is under the over all supervision of the Principal, Colleges of Arts and Commerce, Andhra University. Its day-to-day activities and programmes are carried by the Coordinator appointed by the University Administration in consultation with the Principal. The Lab functions from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on all working days of the colleges of Arts and Commerce. At Present course works for the departments like Library and Information Science, Industrial Relations and Personal Management are taking place in the lab during the morning sessions.


       Principal, College of Arts & Commerce ,  Chairman, CACC Lab.

       Prof. C. Sasikala, Coordinator, CACC Lab.      




Entry into the CACC Lab is strictly for members. Every student, scholar and faculty member of Andhra University Colleges of Arts and Commerce can become a member of CACC Lab by paying Rs. 100/-  per annum, both for students and scholars while Rs. 50/- for faculty members (Life Membership). The members can use the systems during the lab's working hours (8:00 am to 8:00 pm), depending upon the availability of time slots. The members can access Internet by paying Rs. 5/- per hour depending upon the availability of terminals. Members can also use the CDROM writer, scanner and printer by paying the nominal cost fixed by the advisory committee from time to time.


       Prof. C. Sasikala
       Coordinator - CACC Lab      
       Phone : 91 - 0891 - 2844086 (Off)


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