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      Homoeopathy was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the year 1810. Since then its efficacy in treating diseases and providing complete cure to a disease was recognized allover the world. The specialty of Homoeopathy was its COMPLETE CURE of the disease without any side-effects. In order to provide the best treatment to its staff and students, the Andhra University authorities started the Homoeo Dispensary in 1992. The vision was to provide complete health care to all its Teaching, non-teaching and student communities. Since then it is working to achieve its goal. This Dispensary was started as a separate unit and working directly under The Registrar, Andhra University.


  • Every medical systems has its own merits in the cure of humanity. In Homoeopathy, the cure of a disease is possible with simple and economical medication. To make available these benefits to the staff and students of Andhra University, Homoeopathic system of medicine was started as a separate wing.

  • Certain diseases like Skin ailments, Respiratory disorders, Allergies, Rheumatism to name a few are curable only with Homoeopathic medicines. The Homoeo Dispensary will cater these needs.

  • To develop awareness of Homoeopathy and to provide the knowledge of Homoeopathic system to the patients.

  • To train the interested people about first aid with Homoeopathy to use among their family members.

  • A need is there for a Homoeopathic college in  the  Andhra  University  area.  To  encourage  interested  persons  and  also  to  inform  the  Government  about the  need  of  a  Homoeopathic college.

  • To develop  Clinical  Research  in  the  field  of  Homoeopathy. 


      The  present  Homoeo  dispensary  was  established  in  a  building  which  is  situated  near  the  Central  Administrative  Office.  The  staff  in  the  dispensary  were  one  Homoeo  Medical  Officer,  one  compounder  and  one  attender.  The  medicines  were  purchased  from  reputed  Homoeopathic  pharmaceutical  company.  For  this,  the  sufficient  budget  was  provided. 

      Patient  cases  were  computerized  and  a  Homoeopathic  software  was provided  for  evaluation  and  study  of  difficult  cases.  The  software  was  RADAR,  developed  by  Archibel  of  Belgium.  This  is  very  helpful  in  the  decision  of  drug  prescription.  And  importantly,  many  number  of  books  can  be  studied  readily  on  the   computer  while  working  on  a  case.

PROGRAMMES  UNDERTAKEN  DURING 2002-2003  TO  2006-2007:

  1. Beside  regular  out  patient  of  100  people  a  day,  we  have  distributed  the  preventive  medicines   for  the  following  epidemic  diseases  as  and  when  they  are  prevalent:
        a. Chicken-pox
        b. Measles.
        c. Conjunctivitis.
        d. Gastro-enteritis.
        e. Sun  stroke
        f. viral  fevers.

  2. From  the  year  2004,  we  are  celebrating  the  Birthday  of  Dr.  Samuel  Hahnemann, the  founder  of  Homoeopathy  on  April  10 th   every  year.  This  is  conducted  as  a  tribute  to  the  founder, and  also  to  educate  the  patients  about  Homoeopathy.

  3. On  10-4-2005, eminent  Homoeopathic  Physicians  in  the  city  of  Visakhapatnam,  Srikakulam  Dr.  K.S. Sastry,  Dr.  G.S.R.  Murthy  were  felicitated  and  their  services  were  praised  by  the  elite people  of  the  University.

  4. On  18-4-2006,  former  Vice-chancellor  Dr.  M.  Gopalakrishna  Reddy,  was  felicitated  as  a  recognition  to  his  services  to Homoeopathy  in  general  and  to  Homoeo  Dispensary  in  particular.

  5. A Homoeopathic  medical  camp  to  children  of  A U  English  Medium  school  was  conducted  in  the  month  of  February  2006.

  6. Lecture  on  Homoeopathy  was  delivered  by  Dr.  G.A.V.  Rameswar  in  the  training  programme  conducted  by     Department  of  Journalism  in  the  month  of  December   2006.  

  7. Lecture  on  Diseases  of  Modern  era  and  Homoeopathy  was delivered  on  in  the  Department  of  Economics  by  Dr.  G. A. V. Rameswar  on  12/2/07.

  8. Preventive  medicine  for  wide  prevailed  Chikun-Gunya  viral  infection  was  distributed  for  above  3,000  people  during  the  months  of  August  and  December  2006.  The  preventive  medicine  was  distributed  to  the  Hostels  of  the  University.

  9. From  the  year  2007,  we  have  decided  to  undertake  continuous  health  awareness  programme  for  students  in       their  respective  departments.  This  will  create  awareness  about  Homoeopathy  in  the  student.         


  1. Preventive  medicine  for  all  epidemic  diseases  that  occur  during  the  year(change  of  seasons).  Also  news  paper  notifications  are  given  about  the  use  preventive  medicine  for  general  public.

  2. Continuous  medical  education  to  students.  This  is  aimed  to  develop  health  awareness,   preventive  measures  for  keeping  the  health  and  also  to  have  a  minimum  knowledge  about  Homoeopathy.  So  far  we  have  covered  5-6  Departments,  each having  2  lecture  sessions.

  3. Getting  information  for  research  oriented  topics  of  Effectiveness of  Homoeopathic  remedies  in  the  cure  of  Asthma,  Homoeopathic  treatment  of  infertility.

  4. To  notify  the  cured  cases,  recording  and  preserving  the  entire case  for  the  further  reference.   

PLANS  FOR  2007-2008:

  1. Continuation  of  Medical  education.

  2. New  building  for  Homoeo  Dispensary.

  3. Computerization  of  case  sheets  of  the  patients.

  4. Improving  the  facilities  like  seating  and  ready  availability  of  important  medicines.


Monday to Saturday        :    Morning 8:30 AM To 12 noon
                                        Evening 3:30 PM  To 5:30 PM
Sunday & Public Holidays  :    Morning 8:30 AM To 12 noon
Telephone numbers         :    Homoeo dispensary: 2844107
                                        Homoeo Medical Officer's Residence :2704383


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