Faculty of Law  
Prof. D. Surya Prakasa Rao
Dean / Chairman  

The constitution and functions of the faculties shall be prescribed by statutes. Their shall be Dean/Chairman for each faculty who shall be appointed by the Executive Council from among the members of the faculty concern on the recommendations of the Vice-Chancellor.

Functions and  Duties Of Chairman Of Faculty:

  1. The Terms and conditions  of the office of Dean/Chairman shall be prescribed by ordinances.

  2. The faculty shall have power:

    • To consider and report on any matter referred to it by the Academic Senate

    • To draft regulations in regard to the courses of study and examinations prescribed by the University and to lay such regulations before the Academic Senate

    • To remit any matter to a Board of  Studies comprised within the Faculty for consideration and report either to it or to the Academic Senate direct

    • To consider any report or recommendation of any Board of Studies

    • To appoint a Committee of the Faculty for any purpose within the cognizance or powers of the Faculty

    • To hold meetings of the Faculty or a Committee of  the Faculty along with another Faculty or a committee thereof for the discussion of any matter of common interest.

  3. Meeting of a Faculty shall be convened by the Dean/Chairman of Faculty at such times as may be necessary or on the written request of any four members in the case of the Faculty of Arts, of any three members in the case of the Faculty of Science, of any two members in the case of the remaining Faculties.

  4. Any member of a Faculty may bring before any meeting of the Faculty any matter within its cognizance by giving notice to the Dean/Chairman , who shall, subject to the provisions of this chapter, instruct the Registrar to include such matter in the agenda paper of the next meeting of the Faculty.

  5. The Dean/Chairman of a Faculty shall, not less than fifteen days previous to a meeting of the Faculty, cause a notice to be issued to each member of the Faculty, stating the time and place of the meeting, and showing all the business to be brought before the meeting. No item of business which is not entered on the agenda paper of a meeting of a Faculty shall be considered at the meeting; provided that the Dean/Chairman may, for reasons of urgency, bring any matter before any meeting without notice being given in the agenda paper and provided that any member may, with the permission of a majority of; the members present at a meeting, bring any matter before that meeting without notice.

  6. Subject to the foregoing statutes the procedure at meetings of Faculties shall be in general accordance with the standing orders in regard to the procedure at meetings of the Academic Senate. With regard to the procedure at meeting of the Academic Senate. With regard to any point of order or matter of procedure the decision of the Dean/Chairman shall be final.

  7. The Dean/Chairman of Faculty shall preside at all meeting of the Faculty but in his absence the members present shall elect a Chairman from among themselves.

  8. The quorum for a meeting of Faculty shall be one-third of the members of the faculty.

  9. The proceeding at each meeting of a Faculty shall be communicated by Registrar, to the Academic Senate.


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