An opportunity to work in the biggest generator of mass jobs…
The Retail Industry!

The retail industry has hit India like a tidal wave!

Rated as the fifth most attractive, emerging retail market in the world, India is viewed as a potential goldmine for global as well as domestic majors

Retailers nationwide are seeking skilled managers to run their day-to-day business operations. Retail Management, with special reference to the Indian scenario offers rich opportunities for employment for the educated youth. The effective management of such a large service sector industry like retailing in India calls for the services of properly trained managers endowed with imagination and innovative skills. They should have good managerial talent and satisfy the tastes and desires of customers. Indeed, MBA or equivalent programs that specialise in marketing do cover substantially major areas of this business.

However, there are further nuances and finer distinctions characteristic of retailing. For example, there may be differences in emphasis as in back office skills relating to supply chain and merchandising. In any case, prospects of those specialising in retailing are indeed bright, since the sunrise business sector of organised retailing continues to change the retail landscape at a rapid rate.

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