Research Forum
Research Forum

        The Andhra University Research Forum , with its rich traditions , was revived  on 26 th April , 1993 with the inaugural lecture of  Dr. R.Chidambaram, the then Chairman of  Atomic Energy Commission. The Forum has been aiming at bringing the teachers, research scholars  and the students of the  Campus come close to each other with constant interaction in research activities. Apart from discussing the individual research problems, the Forum is focusing its attention to encourage inter-disciplinary research not only within Social-sciences, Science and technology, Engineering and Law but also across these disciplines.  Participation and involvement in a healthy academic activity has been helping the University in research new heights in teaching and research activities.


  1. Creating awareness and keep the University academic Community up to date on the on-going research in the University Campus.

  2. Coordinating research activities and providing a forum for exchange of views.

  3. To explore the possibility of inter-disciplinary research and encourage the young researchers in this direction.

  4. Bringing out a bulletin for dissemination of useful information to researchers in various fields.

  5. Discuss the methodological issues, interpretation of conceptual and analytical framework, findings of empirical studies, policy implications, etc. of the on-going and completed research programmes through regular meetings of faculty and research scholars.

  6. Encouraging young scholars to gain knowledge of the perspectives and methodologies of their own and related disciplines through active participation.

Lecture Programmes: Every Monday from 4 to 5 PM., a lecture will be delivered by a faculty member/Research Scholar from one of our University Colleges.  In addition Guest Scholars, visiting the campus are being requested to deliver talks on contemporary research.  The lectures of the Forum are always held in the T L N Sabha Hall.

Publications:  Research articles by the academic community will be reviewed and published in the monthly Bulletin of Research Forum.

Contact Information:                        

            Phone    : 91 - 0891 - 2754871 Ext. 402

            Email     : aurf2002@yahoo.co.uk

            Address : C/o Department of Physics,
                         Andhra University,
                         Visakhapatnam 530003,
                         Andhra Pradesh, India.


Chief Convener:Prof V.Veeraiah Department of Physics
Convener (Science):  
Convener (Arts & Commerce) : Department of Commerce and Management Studies
Convener (Engineering): Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Convener (Law):  Dept. of Law   


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