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Center for Hydrology and Groundwater Resources Management Profile

About the Centre

      Andhra University with its established academic departments dealing with all facets of Hydrology is a pioneering, teaching and research institute in the field of water resources. The University, over the past six decades has developed expert manpower, well equipped laboratories and field investigation facilities in the areas of Hydrometeorology, Hydrometry, Flood forecasting, Geohydrology, Groundwater Geophysics, Remote Sensing and Simulation and Modeling Studies.

      The Departments of Meteorology, Geology, Geophysics, Geography, Geo-Engineering and Civil Engineering are endowed with well trained academic staff and investigation facilities to address and solve problems associated with all the components of water resources. Impressed by the available expertise and the national need to address the multi faceted problems in water resources the Center for Hydrology and Groundwater Management (CHAGWARM) has started its activities in Andhra University funded by U.G.C. as a part of its X Plan Programme.


  • Consolidation, optimization and strengthening of the resources available in the University.

  • Development of integrated techniques for water resources management.

  • Development of Exploration, Monitoring and Management of strategies for Rural Development.

  • Provide solutions for the preservation of environmental hydrological characteristics in rural and coastal regions.

  • To propose Integrated Water Resources Management strategies for industrial, agricultural, aquaculture and Tourism projects in coastal regions.

  • To establish water resources databases for the five coastal districts in Andhra University areas.

  • Specialist training programmes for scientific and administrative staff of public and private sectors.

  • Extension services to rural and urban community.

  • To evaluate the availability of resources and propose cropping pattern and schedules.


Funding Details since inception

A. U.G.C. Xth Plan Grant (2004-2005):

Equipment Grant : Rs. 4,00,000.00
Building Grant : Rs. 1,00,000.00
T O T A L : Rs. 5,00,000.00

B. &#Grant for Conducting a Workshop / Short Term Training Programme on ‘Water quality and its impact on groundwater management' (2004-2005):

U.G.C. Unassigned Grant : Rs. 30,000.00
Andhra Pradesh Council of Science & Technology, Hyderabad : Rs. 20,000.00

Facilities Created Year wise

Procured equipment from UGC X Plan Grant during 2004-2005. Geohydrology and Geohydrochemistry Labs Established.

Equipment Procured:

  • Single Beam UV VIS Scanning type spectrophotometer

  • Digital Conductivity Meter

  • Digital pH Meter

  • Field Permeability Apparatus

  • Hydro Meteorological Instruments

  • Soil Thermometer

  • Chemicals and Glassware

No. of Conferences / Seminars / Symposia Conducted

      A One-day seminar on ‘Water and Disasters' was held on 22 nd March 2004 in the Dept. of Geophysics, Andhra University. (2003-2004)

      A Workshop / Short Term Training Programme on ‘Water quality and its impact on groundwater management' organized during 16 th to 19 th October 2004 in the Dept. of Geophysics, Andhra University. (2004-2005)

      Training Programme on ‘Preparation and role of geo-coded digital maps in water resources development and management' during 2 nd – 6 th January 2006 at Survey Training Institute, Survey of India, Hyderabad.

No. of Guest Lectures arranged            

      A lecture on ‘Land Surface Process Experiment over Sabarmati River Basin' by Dr. P. Sanjeeva Rao, DST, New Delhi was organized on 28th December 2004.

No. of Schemes Granted           

      An inter disciplinary and inter institutional research project on ‘A decision support information system for water resources evaluation and management in Narava and Pulivendala Micro Basins' is sanctioned by Dept. of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

Total sanction                               : Rs. 37,92,000/-

Date of Commencement            : 1 st April 2006

Principal Investigator                 : Prof. N.V.B.S.S. Prasad

Chief technical coordinator       : Prof. P. Rajendra Prasad

Research personnel                    : Sri N. Lokesh Kumar Reddy, JRF

                                                          Sri K.V. Rama Krishna, JRF

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