As you are aware Human Genetics is the most fascinating and is currently fast growing subject in the domain of life sciences, dealing with the study of man in the most comprehensive way. This is a small, yet potential department of the most exciting subject which is concerned with the study of human variation in health and disease. Human Genetics has attained utmost importance because of its application in modern medicine. Tomorrow's medicine is going to be simply genetic medicine. Tomorrow's public health is going to be simply genetic health. Though India has missed its involvement in the most ambitious global scientific collaborative project ever launched in human history i.e., the "Human Genome Project" (HGP) it could however involve itself in the "Human Genome Diversity Project" (HGDP), an offshoot of HGP. Interestingly our department could also involve itself in HGDP in a humble way.

Credit goes to Andhra University for having started the Department of Human Genetics in the year 1972 for the first time in the country offering M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D programmes. Despite of the availability of limited facilities in the early stages of its inception, the department could successfully make considerable progress in all these years. Today the Department of Human Genetics has achieved international recognition. A good number of its alumni currently occupy eminent positions in reputed laboratories, institutes and Universities worldwide.

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Course Seats Available
M.Sc Human Genetics (Two year course) 28
M.Sc Molecular Genetics (4 Semester course) 16
M.Phil in Human Genetics 05
Ph.D. in Human Genetics 05
Advanced PG Diploma in Genetic Counseling 26

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