Academic Affairs

  • Name : Prof. K.Niranjan

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Duties and Responsibilities

Dean, Academic Affairs of Andhra University deals with the S.II (Teaching staff establishment), Legal Section (revision of syllabus, introduction of new courses, etc) and T-Section (deals with adjudication of Ph.D Theses) sections and the works they are dealing with in detail are as follows:

S.II Section

  • Recruitment/selection/promotion of teachers
  • Appointment of Heads of the Departments of all the colleges
  • Appointment of Principals of all the campus colleges
  • Conduct of proceedings of disciplinary actions against teachers for any default
  • Processing of salary bills including TDS and also issue of Form 16
  • Processing of teachers application for sanction of lien/deputation
  • Making arrangements for teaching on contract basis
  • Pay fixation of teaching staff on promotion/appointment/selection
  • Processing of annual increments
  • Sanction of on duty leaves
  • Issue of service certificates/No-objection certificates for applying pass port and Visakhapatnam
  • Forwarding the applications of teachers attending refresher courses/applying for other Universities for any positions

  • T-Section

  • Obtaining panel of examiners in connection with Ph.D theses adjudication from the concerned guides and chairman, Board of Studies.
  • Processing of Ph.D theses adjudication (in this connection examiners from India and abroad will be contacted and theses will be sent to them for adjudication and also for sending report)
  • Issue of certificates for M.Phil and Ph.D degree holders (includes marks statements, provisional certificates and original degrees)
  • Declaration of gold medals for Ph.D degree holders in connection with convocations.

  • Legal Section

  • Approval of revision of syllabus of both undergraduate and post-graduation courses
  • Giving permission to start new UG and PG courses
  • Giving permission to conduct annual board of studies meetings for both UG and PG courses.
  • Submission of items for the approval of Executive Council and Academic Senate
  • Computation of attendance of students of both UG and PG courses of both University and affiliated colleges
  • Computation of attendance of teachers of campus colleges
  • Issue of equivalency certificates for the students who have come from other than Andhra University for the purpose of pursuing higher degrees in Andhra University.
  • Pursuing higher degrees in Andhra University.
  • Preparation of Academic Calendar for PG courses
  • Awarding of M.Tech Degrees to the participants of Centre for Space Science and Technology Education (CSSTE-Andhra Pradesh) Dehradoon as per the MOU.
  • MOU's with other institutes.

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