A Centre of Intellectual activity

Faculty is the brain of the University . A club being any association of persons with common interest, so our club was Christened as the 'Faculty Club'. This club was started during the tenure of Sir C.R.Reddy as Vice-Chancellor. The present building was founded by him.

The club has always been the meeting place for teachers over the decades. The club is a fraternity. There is no place for hierarchy in the club. Members seem through the pages of a variety of Journals over a cup of tea or with a plate of Idly, so sincerely served by club-boys. Dailies, weeklies, monthlies, political, sport or economic journals are subscribed by the club. The club has been place for the interaction of the teachers from the various faculties over the decades.

The faculty club has a very vibrant and vivacious wing , the tennis court. There are indoor games like 'caroms ' and 'table tennis ' in the club.