Horticulture and Gardening Unit

  • Honorary Director: Dr. S.B.Padal, Department of Botany

  • Man cannot exist without plant life. the diversity amongst plants is an astonishing factor. According to IUCN the estimated number of plant specifies on earth is 2,40,000. A great number are evolved through hybridization and horticultural practices through which quality fruits and vegetables, colourful blossoms are obtained.

    It was established since the inception of the University with the objective of maintain the clean and green ambiance in the campus. The Horticulture and Gardening Unit office has an honorary director and some employees. At present it has an honorary director, one junior assistant, 18 (eighteen) regular gardeners and (7) seven daily wage (28days workers).It has an annual budget of 1, 30,000/- (One lakh thirty thousand only) but it may be increased depending on the requirement.

    This Horticulture and Gardening Unit was equipped with modern and latest equipment like power saws, digger, shade net, ladders, lawn cutter etc. along with the traditional equipment’s / gardening tool like spade, sickle, hand hoe, rose canetc.

    This unit is maintaining and supplying around 450 to 500 pot plants of different varieties to give ambience to functions / seminars / workshops /symposia at various Departments and general function like Science day celebrations, Independence Day celebration and convocation organized by the University.