Law College was established in Andhra University in 1945 in order to meet a long felt need for a College of Law in this part of the country, which was then a part of the province of Madras. In July, 1949 the College was shifted to the University Campus at Waltair.

   The College which was for quite a long time a Department of Arts, Commerce and Law College, has been reconstructed as a separate College of Law on 14th April, 1989. As a mark of respect towards the great son of India and chief architect of the Constitution of India Dr.BhimaRao Ramji Ambedkar, the College has been renamed as Andhra University, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar College of law with effect from 10-05-1991. the College has been endeavoring to improve the standards of teaching and research to prepare the students for advanced study and research to prepare the students for advanced study and research at LL.M., and Ph.D. levels as well as to help them in building up their careers at the Bar.


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