UG CBCS Revised Syllabus under Semester Pattern

01/06/2017 :: Under Graduate Courses - Revised Syllabus Letter.

21/07/2017 :: BA Rural industrialisation(Paper-V,VI,VII) V Semester and VI Semester MQPs.

15/07/2017 :: Social Work V Semester and VI Semester MQPs.

12/07/2017 :: English First Year Second semester and Second Year First Semester MQPs.

12/07/2017 :: Communication and Soft Skills First Year Second semester and Second Year First Semester MQPs.

12/07/2017 :: An Outline of 20th Century Literature V and Glimpses of World Literature MQPs.

24/04/2017 :: HINDI 1st , 2nd and 3rd Semester MQPs.

01/08/2016 :: B.Com Computers CBCS Syllabus April-2016.

1. UG CBCS Guidelines All State Universities May-2016.

2. Revised CBCS Framework BSc (Revised in April, 2016).

3. Revised CBCS Framework BA & BCom (April, 2016).

4. Revised Syllabi of Foundation Courses CBCS for all Degree (April-2016).

5. General Telugu Syllabus CBCS for all Degree prog 2015-2016.

6. General English Revised CBCS Syllabus.

7. BA Economics Full Syllabus CBCS (April-2016).

8. BA History CBCS Revised Syllabus (May-2016).

9. BA Political Science CBCS Revised Syllabus.

10. BA Public Administration CBCS Revised Syllabus (May-2016).

11. BA Special Telugu Syllabus CBCS (April-2016).

12. BA Special English Syllabus CBCS (April-2016).

13. B.Com CBCS Revised syllabus April-2016.

14. BSc Maths CBCS Revised Syllabus (Rev April-2016).

15. BSc Physics CBCS Syllabus April-2016.

16. BSc Comp SCi ,IT CBCS Revised Syllabus (April-2016).

17. BSc Chemistry CBCS Revised Syllabus.

18. BSc Zoology CBCS Revised Syllabus (Rev April-2016).

19. BSc Electronics I & II Yrs Syllabus CBCS Modified (April-2016).

20. BBA II & III Yrs Syllabus CBCS (Rev April-2016).

21. BCA Syllabus 2016-17 CBCS Revised.



Old UG Syllabus (Admitted Batch 2015 - 2016)


UG Syllabus (Admitted Batch 2008 - 2009)