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  • M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Bio-technology)
  • M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  • M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Analysis)
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  • M. Pharm. (Pharmacognosy)
  • M. Pharm. (Pharmacy Practice)
  • M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs)
  • M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs)
  • M.S (Clinical Embryology)

Ph.D Programs in Pharmaceutical Science

  • Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Cosmetic Industries

  • Drug Research Laboratories and Institutions

  • Universities and Colleges offering Pharmacy and Bio-technology Programms

  • Drug Control Administration

  • Hospitals and Retail Pharmacies

  • Pharmacodynamic agents from marine organisms of the Indian Ocean (DOD National Project, Rs. 82.10 lakhs)Prof. D. Venkata Rao.

  • Investigations on antibiotic producing rare actinomycetes from the indigenous natural substrates (AICTE, Rs. 9.90 lakhs)Prof. P. Ellaiah, Dr. T. Prabhakar.

  • Studies on development of process technology and optimisation of pullulanase by solid state fermentation technique (DBT, Rs. 16.66 lakhs) Prof. P. Ellaiah.

  • Technology development of oral controlled release drug delivery systems of antianginal and related drugs (AICTE, Rs. 11.5 lakhs) Prof. K.P.R. Chowdary.

  • Development and coordination of consultancy services, collaborative research and training of industrial personnel (AICTE-IIPC, Rs. 8.34 lakhs)Prof. K.P.R. Chowdary.

  • Strengthening of drug delivery systems and biopharmaceutics laboratories for technology development and transfer (AICTE-MODROB, Rs. 13.00 Lakhs)Prof. K.P.R. Chowdary.

  • Developoment and evaluation of anti stress formulations from plant extracts used in Ayurveda for the treatment of asthma (AICTE-TAPTEC, Rs. 9.5 lakhs) Prof. S. Satyanarayana.

  • Phytochemical investigation, Biological screening, Formulation development, Clinical evaluation and Quality control of less known potent medicinal plants of traditional use in cancer (AICTE, Rs. 9.25 lakhs) Prof. T. Satyanarayana.

  • Phytochemical and Biological evaluation of some plant medicines used in diabetes and liver disorders and development of formulations (UGC, Rs. 4.23 lakhs) Prof. S. Ganapaty.

  • Phytochemical and Biological evaluation of some plant medicines used in diabetes and development of formulations (AICTE, Rs. 5.00 lakhs) Prof. S. Ganapaty.

  • Design and development of lipid based formulations for improving oral bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs (AICTE-TAPTEC, Rs. 18.00 lakhs) Dr. K. V. Ramana Murthy.