Facilities & Services


A huge laboratory facility by name 'ELEMENT' is in place to provide hands on training for students and give an oopurtunity for start up ideas and to engage manufacturing , quality control and Biological monitoring activities . The later is done through its toxicology hub by name 'EYRIES'

Well-equipped laboratories (18 Nos.) for teaching and research in various subjects of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

  • Industrial Pharmacy Unit

  • Computer Laboratory

  • Seminar Halls (2 Nos.) and Auditorium (1)

  • Library with 10,000 text and reference books and 50 journals related to Pharmaceutical Sciences and internet facility.

  • University Scientific Instrumentation Center (USIC)-a central Instrumentation laboratory.

  • Major equipment available: HPLC units, GC, DSC, DTA, MPLC, NMR, FTIR, XRD unit, Lyophilizer,UV Spectrophotometer,Polarimeter,high resolution microscopes, Coating equipment, Pelletier, Fermentors, Bioreactors, Polyrite,Micro Ovens ,Organic Parallelsynthesizer etc .


The Department offers consultancy services to Industry in the areas of Drug Formulation, Analysis of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Herbal Medicines and Cosmetics and Pharmacological and Toxicological Testing.

On Research Front

The department has always realized that serious research is the backbone of quality education and the growth of research and teaching always went hand in hand. The department has contributed significantly in all major fields of research in pharmacy. Even the earliest research by the founder faculty member of the department Prof. E. Venkata Rao resulted in the discovery of a new cardiac drug Peruvoside which is being manufactured by an Italian firm Indena even today. The research in the department has been consistently sustained during the last 5 decades. The 88 Ph.D. degrees awarded, 1010 research papers published by the faculty in national and international journals of repute and the campus and national awards won by the faculty bear testimony to the quality of research carried out in the department. The research of the faculty members has been consistently supported by funding agencies such as CSIR, UGC, DST and AICTE. Thirty-one major research projects have been completed and 11 major research projects worth of Rs. 1.88 crores are ongoing.

Good features of the College

  • College having MOU with King George Hospital and working for the patients on every working day

  • Pharm D students being trained in King George Hospital

  • Research oriented towards use for society

  • Research oriented towards Intellectual Property Rights

  • College instrumental in starting and organizing the Andhra University Ethics Committee for Research on Human Volunteers

  • College is organising Ethics Committee for Research on Animals

  • Faculty participating in King George Hospital Ethics Committee for Research on Human Volunteers , in Pollution Control Board

  • Faculty involved with society- interacting with NGOs, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, consumer council, colleges, professional organisations

Best Practices of the College

  • Counseling students on a regular basis on academic issues

  • Patient Counseling in AU Dispensary and in King George Hospital

  • Prizes for students are sponsored by faculty – to merit students as well as to students excelling in sports and extra curricular activities

  • Students are given orientation to Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices

  • Medals are instituted in the names of many retired distinguished teachers to be given in convocation

  • College participates in many community development programmes under the leadership of Indian Pharmaceutical Organisation, Visakhapatnam Branch

Future Plans

  • To transform all class rooms into e -class rooms

  • To enhance student learning by more visits to industries and hospitals

  • To hold again the prestigious Indian Pharmaceutical Congress in AUCOPS in near future

  • To enhance the scope of research, making it more collaborative and patentable

  • To enhance the scope of activities being carried out in our Pharmacy Practices Room in KGH, by carrying out activities like Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring and providing Drug Information service to Doctors.

  • To enhance the scope of our community reach activities by organizing lectures on radio stations, medical camps in villages, patient counseling in selected areas in Visakhapatnam, blood donation camps and rallies with focus on health care in the city.

  • Organizing a better industry academia interaction, by requesting industries to give short term training/workshops to our teachers and by taking our students on visits to industries.

  • Strengthening our role in professional associations.