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  • Name : Prof. R. Padma Sree
  • Designation : Head of Department
  • Mobile : 0891 2844870, 4869
    (+91) 9849441016
  • Email: head.chemical@andhrauniversity.edu.in

The Department of Chemical Engineering was started in 1933 and is one of the pioneering institutions in India to offer education in Chemical Engineering and Technology. The department offers full-fledged programs : B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering), B.Tech. (Biotechnology), M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering), M.Tech. (Industrial Pollution Control Engineering) and M.Tech. (Biotechnology). The Department also fosters doctoral research. The Department research activities are supported by various funding agencies like U.G.C., MHRD, AICTE etc. The Department of Chemical Engineering is actively involved in consultancy services and caters to the need of local Chemical Industries. Excellent laboratories have been developed with state of the art equipment like atomic absorption spectroscope, Bioreactor, Fermentor, gas-liquid chromatography, HPLC, Fuel Cell test station, Electrochemical work station, Digital Bomb calorimeter, equipment to monitor stack emission, computer controlled level, flow, conical tank, spherical tank etc. The faculty of the department is actively involved in research in the areas of Heat Transfer, Biotechnology, Mineral Processing, Fluid flow, corrosion, Phase equilibria, Ionic Mass Transfer, Electrochemical Engineering, PEM fuel cell, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Environmental Pollution control, enzyme technology and industrial waste treatment.

Sl.No Name of the Program
UG Programmes
1 B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering.)
2 B.Tech. (Bio- Technology)
PG Programmes
1 M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)
2 M.Tech. (Industrial Pollution control Engineering)
3 M.Tech. (Bio-Technology)
Doctoral Programmes
1 Ph.D (Chemical Engineering)
Name Designation Qualification Specialization
Prof. S.V. Naidu Professor Ph.D. Heat Transfer
Prof. Pulipati King Professor Ph.D. Petroleum Ref. Engg.,
Ionic Mass Transfer &
Industrial Pollution Control Engg.
Prof. R. Padma Sree Professor & Head of the Department Ph.D. Computer aided Process synthesis,
Equipment design, Process Control &
Pollution Control
Prof. G.M.J. Raju Professor & Chairman BOS Ph.D. Electro Chemical & Corrosion Engineering
and Computer Applications
Prof. K. Jaya Raju Professor Ph.D. Biotechnology, Biochemistry &
Enzyme Engineering
Prof. K.V.Ramesh Professor Ph.D. Three Phase fluidization and
Prof. N.Chitti Babu Professor Ph.D. Chemical Engg., Environmental Engg.
Prof. D.Appala Naidu Professor & Director, Directorate of Admissions (DOA) - Andhra University Ph.D Biotechnology
Prof. V.Sri Devi Professor Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Bio Process Engg.
Prof.M.V.V.ChandanaLakshmi Professor Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Bio Process Engg.
Prof. V. Meena Professor Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Bio Process Engg.
Dr. Deepa Meghavathu Professor Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Dr. G.V.S.Sharma Associate Professor Ph.D. Marine Chemical Engg.
Dr. Ch.Asha Immanuel Raju Associate Professor & Chief Warden International Hostel Ph.D. Ionic Mass Transfer, Mineral
Process Engg., Modeling & Simulation
and Mechanical Operations
Dr. N.M.Yugandhar Associate Professor & NCC Officer Ph.D. Bio-Technology
Dr. M.Tukaram Bai Assistant Professor Ph.D. Chemical Reaction Engineering
and Chemical Engineering
Dr. P.Venkata Rao Assistant Professor M.Tech. Chemical Engineering