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  • Name : Dr. M. Ramesh Patnaik
  • Designation : Head of Department

The Department of Instrument Technology was started as Instrument Manufacturing Section in 1937 and instituted as full pledged separate department in 1946as Department of Applied Physics with Instrumentation, Optics and Electronics as Specializations. In view of the growing emphasis on Instrumentation Engineering the Department was shifted to College of Engineering and renamed as the Department of Instrument Technology in 1990 by offering the courses B.Tech( Instrumentation Engineering ) M.Tech ( Instrumentation ) and Doctor of Philosophy ( Ph.D ). 6 year Integrated M. Tech was started in 2010-11. All the Courses offered by the department are accredited by NBA as well as NAAC as whole university with A grade( 3.65 score on 4.0 scale ). The department is well known for its research and consultancy in the areas of Sensors ,MEMS Nano Technology , Instrumentation and Automation . From 1966, the department pioneered research in the area of Thin-Film Technology Photo-Elasticity, ultrasonic and applications. More than 30 Ph.Ds have been awarded and another 50 are in progress which shows its stability towards research and advancement in Instrumentation . On average the Faculty of Department are publishing 50 research papers per year in the internationally repute journals like IEEE, Springer, Elsevier etc. At present the Department is having 8 research projects funded by UGC, DST, AICTE and DRDO. This year the Department got SAP from UGC as fresh induction in MEMS as core area. The department is well known in the Visakhapatnam region for its consultancy services specially for testing and calibration of all industrial instrumentation equipment the major clients includes VSP, L&T, Reliance, Ramkey etc.

Name Designation Qualification Specialization
Prof. A. Bhujanga Rao Professor Ph.D. Instrumentation
Prof. Y. Srinivasa Rao Professor
Ph.D. Micro Electronics
Prof. D.V.Rama Koti Reddy Professor &
Chairman (BOS)
Ph.D. Sensors and Sensor Networking, MEMS and Nano Technology
Dr. M. Ramesh Patnaik Associate Professor &
Head of Department
Ph.D. Industrial Process Instrumentation
Dr. A. Kamala Kumari Assistant Professor Ph.D. Digital Systems and Computer Electronics
Dr. Daisy Rani Assistant Professor Ph.D. Industrial Process Instrumentation
Dr. P. Swapna Assistant Professor Ph.D. Industrial Process Instrumentation
    Instrumentation Technology Scheme and Syllabus ( With effect from 2020-21 admitted batch)