• Name : Prof. P.Anuradha Kameswari
  • Designation : Head of the Department
  • Phone : 0891 2844695, 4694 || (+91) 9440367745 || (+91) 9063327745
  • Email: head.mathematics@andhrauniversity.edu.in

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1932. The then Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sarvepalli Radha Krishna was the first head of the Department. ERSKINE College of Natural SciencesProf. V. Rama Swami –a student of Littlewood and a well known analyst, Sri S. Purshottam, Prof. S. Chowla – an internationally renowned number theorist, were the founder members of faculty establishing great traditions of teaching and research.

Eminent people like Sri. M. Lakshmana Murthy; Prof. K. Nagabushanam who later founded the department of Statistics in Andhra University itself; Prof. K. Samba Siva Rao; Prof.T. Vijaya Raghavan – a student of G. H. Hardy and a founder Director of Ramanujan Institue of Mathematics at Madras; Prof. S. Minakshisundaram –an internationally reputed mathematician, and an invitee to IFAS Princeton USA who laid an important component in a new approach to the Atiya-Singer Index theorem, one of the great theorems of the 20th Centuary; Prof. N.V. Subrahmanyam who led research in various branches of Algebra, Prof. J. Gopalakrishna – a well known analyst, Dr. D. Suryanarayana, Prof. P. V. Krishnaiah, Dr. A. Sivashankara Sastry, Prof. K.P.R. Sastry, Prof. K.L.N. Swamy, Prof. P. V. Jaganadham, Dr. R. Sitharamachandra Rao, Prof. S. V. Krishna, Prof. U. M. Swamy, Prof. P.V. Ramana Murthy, Prof. M. Krishna Murthy, Prof. Sk. Ismail, Prof. G. C. Rao served this department as former faculty and some as heads as well as Chairmen for the Board of Studies of the Department.

The distinguished alumni include Prof. C.R. Rao –a world renowned statistician, former Director of Indian Statistical Institute, an Eberly Professor Emeritus of Statistics, Center for Multivariate Analysis Pennsylvania State University, USA and, Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Advisor CR Rao AIMSCS, Hyderabad, India. The Times of India listed Rao as one of the top 10 Indian Scientists of all time.In 2023 Rao was awarded the international prize in Statistics, an award often touted as the 'Statistics Equivalent of the Noble Prize'. Prof. B. L. S. Prakasa Rao -another former Director of I.S.I., Culcutta and recipient of Bhatnagar award for mathematical sciences, Prof. S. B. Rao yet another former Director of I.S.I., Culcutta, Sri R.S. Nataraja Murthy -a former Chief Post Master General of Andhra Pradesh etc..

Currently the department offers Postgraduate programs in Mathematics namely, M.A./M.Sc and Doctoral Program Ph.D. The Department recieved several projects sponsored by UGC, DST and other government organizations. Further, the department is fortunate to have got fifteen (15) Medals/Prizes for toppers namely Sripathi Medal, Smt. Vegesina Neelamma and Sri Pedda Subba Raju Medal, Smt. Vaddiparthi Seethamma Garu Prize, Sri Iyyasomayajula Kameswara Rao Prize, the Chevuri Sanyasi Raju Prize, Mantha Lakshmana Murthy Memorial Prize, Sri Vepa ramesam Prize, Sri Upadhyayula Venkata Subrahmanyam Memorial Prize, Prof. S. Meenakshi Sundaram Prize, Sri Tenneti Lakshminarayana Memorial medal, Prof. Nadimpally Venkata Subrahmanyam Prize, Smt. Bonda Savitri Devi Prize, Prof. Vumi Rama Swamy Gold Medal, K. L. N. Swamy Prize, U. M. Swamy Prize, Prof. G.V. Ravindranath Babu Gold Medal


Sl.No Name of the Program
PG Programmes
1 M.A / M.Sc. (Mathematics)
Doctoral Programmes
1 Ph.D. (Mathematics)

Name Designation Qualification Specialization
Prof. P.D.N. Srinivasu Professor &
Chairman, BOS
M.Sc, Ph.D. Dynamical Systems and Bio-Economics
Prof. G. Nanaji Rao Professor M.Sc, Ph.D. Lattice Theory
Prof. P.Anuradha Kameswari Professor &
Head of the Department
M.Sc, Ph.D. Number Theory, Cryptography
Prof.S.Ravikumar Professor (On Deputation) M.Sc, Ph.D. Lattice theory, Algebra
Prof.Ch.Srinivasa Rao Professor ( On Deputation) M.Sc, Ph.D. Fixed Point theory
Prof.N.Ramakrishna Professor (On Deputation) M.Sc, Ph.D. Fuzzy Algebra, Vague Algebra
Name Designation
Dr. K.K.M. Sarma Honorary Professor
Dr. G.V. Ravindranath Babu Honorary Professor
    1. Organised " Teachers's Enrichment Workshop " TEW during 7th January 2019-12th January 2019 in the Department of Mathematics , Andhra University, funded by National Centre for Mathematics (NCM).
    2. Organised an International Conference on "Recent Advances in Non Linear Functional Analysis and its Applications -2022 (ICRANFAA-2022) during 29th -30th January 2022 in the Department of Mathematics , Andhra University