Facilities & Services

1) Several scientific instruments are placed in various departments of the college. The University Science Instrumentation Centre undertakes maintenance of the instruments. Facilities for handling radioactive materials and isotopes are available at Centre for Nuclear Techniques.

2) OSTC - Moriculture Laboratories - with continuous supply of sea water for maintaining Marine animals in the Laboratories.

3) Scanning Electronic Micro Scope (SEM) in the Department of Geology.

4) Mircopulse Lidar - Atmospheric Aerosol Vertical Profiling with 30 meters resolution up to 60 kilometers altitude-one of the three facilities in the country 3 rd in the country.

5) Established at Nagaram Palem-1990-Digital Ionosonde to monitor continuously the ionosphere- One of the 6 facilities available in the country.

6) Established Aquaculture shore laboratory (Zoology extension) with running sea water and aeration.